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Bath Truffles 
Bath Truffles

SO Moisturizing!
These little truffles were amazing. The scent lingers on your skin into the next day, plus your skin is so hydrated and you definitely don't need to apply lotion afterwards. Love them!!!! – Melissa H. 

Bath Truffles 

For such a small package, they really do pack a punch!! I just took a bath not long ago, and I only used one in a fairly big tub. The scent was strong and it was SUPER moisturizing! I didn't need to use lotion afterward at all- Rachael G. 

Whipped Body Butter 


Bumblesoaps whipped body butter is ridiculously moisturizing!! It does not leave your skin greasy at all! It's so light and fluffy and FULL of fragrance! Gentle enough to use on my kids as well so I can smell them all day! :) – Nikki G. 

Whipped Body Butter 


I absolutely love the body butters! They are not greasy at all and makes your skin feel moisturized and the scent lasts for a long time. They're so creamy yet light texture. One of my favorite products!- Brenda M.


Specialty Sugar Scrubs 

Foaming scrub FTW! Sooooo good! 

It's a new product but its gonna be a fast fave for many. I am in love with it. Foams up nice, the scrub is perfect. Removes oil and residue without drying skin and you are baby bum soft after...not to mention you smell so good you will wanna eat your own arm. lol SOOOO GOOD! Do not pass this up.**I am using Pumpkin Cupcake scent* -Bella P. 

Bee Sanitized Hand Sanitizer 

Amazing hand sanitizer, great price!! 

First of all, the price is AMAZING! It leaves your hands feeling soft, and the scents are fantastic! My favorite so far is Eucalyptus Spearmint (but that's always my favorite scent of everything)- Rachael G 

Bee Sanitized Hand Sanitizer 

One of the best hand sanitizers!!! 

Not sticky and does not dry out your hands- this sanitizer is so moisturizing and makes your hands feel so clean! The best part?? It smells AMAZING!!! I've tried apple butter arable and pumpkin cheesecake so far but I need more! :-)- Christina M. 

Whipped Soap 


I have a lot of whipped soaps but this one is light and fluffy which makes it so easy to use. A lot of whipped soaps I have are hard and take some working to use but these ones are so easy and work wonderfully-- I use them for shaving and wouldn't need to use lotion afterwards if I didn't love the smells of my body butters so much- Jaelynn J 

Mini Bath Bombs 

Packs a punch!

I've tried these in several random scents. One is perfect for one use possible even 2 baths. They are packed with moisturizing oils that last well into the next day. I can never get enough of these- Holly J


Bath Bombs 

One of my favorite products! 

It’s hard to pick a favorite bath bomb since I must have tried at least 20 by now - but I can't express fully, just how amazing they all are. I have yet to order one I do not like. Each and every bath bomb leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling great. Even my husband comments on how much he loves the scents and softness ( although his personal favorite is dead sea clay soap bar)! Before I found Bumblesoaps I had tried bath bombs from a variety of places - and none have come close to the quality or price of these amazing bath bombs! These are now my go to gifts and my absolute favorite treat for myself. I will be a life long customer

Whipped Sugar Scrub 

Love this product!!! 

I tried this in warm vanilla sugar and not only does it smell like heaven in a jar- it also leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean! It is a gentle exfoliant and not harsh like others I've tried I def recommend you try this!!! In fact- try 2 ;-) Christina M. 

Whipped Soap 

This is my new favorite product 

Creamy and bubbly, this whipped soap is perfect. It is not too drying and the smell is perfect. This is the product that brought me to Bumblesoaps and I'm so happy I discovered it.- Janelle L.

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